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Punisher Series PUN4014 Traxxas Female Plugs (2)

SKU: PUN4014
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This is a Punisher Series Classic Traxxas Style Female High Current Connector Set.

Use these connectors to fix or replace worn out connectors. The Female connectors are used on the batteries. These connectors will fit Traxxas ID connectors.


  • Shrouded wire connections (no shrink tube required).
  • Gold-plated copper terminals with large contact surfaces.
  • Secondary Terminals are arched for secure, consistent contact.
  • Reverse-polarity protection makes it virtually impossible to connect them backwards.
  • Textured surface for easy gripping.
  • Compatible with high-current 12-gauge wire.
  • Easy assembly (needs to be soldered).


  • (2) Female Connectors
  • (1) Punisher Decal