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HackFab Bolt-on Sprint Car Cage for Losi Mini-B

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This is our new Bolt-On Sprint Car cage for the Losi Mini-B. It bolts right up to a stock aluminum chassis - no conversion needed. It also features a unique hinge design for easy access to the electronics.

We have been quietly racing and testing these and even though it is 3d printed, it is holding up quite well. The front has a hinge mount to keep access to the battery simple. It is held closed with a single body clip and has held up very well to testing (crashes).

We have cages available in black, white, red, blue, orange and silver.(photos of color options to come)

Lexan body kits will be available separate from cages to make replacing them easier and more affordable than a whole conversion.

Carbon Fiber Front and Rear mounts are also available as an upgrade. Cage kits will come with 3d printed mounts in the same color as the cage.

Completed car shown for demonstration purposes only. The only thing that comes with this listing is a complete cage kit as shown in the first photo.


Sprint Car Cage Kit
All necessary hardware
1" body post