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True Spec DV Extreme 14.8V 6900mAh 135C G10 Protection Plates

SKU: 69400-4S1P
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True Spec DV Extreme 14.8V-6900mAh-135C pack.   Built robustly with five G10 plates and rubber style shrink.

This 6900mAh pack uses 100% Lithium Cobalt Oxide(LCO) in combination with advanced materials to increase the power/performance.  You will not find another pack in this price range with this much power/performance.  Packs at a similar price typically use a blend of LCO and LicoMnNio2 which is a cheaper material.   This lowers the cost of the packs but also decreases the performance.  One way to tell if a pack doesn't use 100% LCO is to check the weight.  Packs with 100% LCO will typically have a higher weight.