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Traxxas 2WD Stampede RTR 1/10 XL-5 Monster Truck with Battery and USB-C Charger

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Stampede’s legendary ruggedness has made its name synonymous with off-road fun. With a top speed of 30+ mph* and drive-over-anything ground clearance, Stampede rips through grass and powers over curbs. Pour on the throttle and the Titan® motor’s massive torque raises the front wheels skyward for dirt-roosting wheelies and high-power jumps. Mud, puddles, and snow don’t stand a chance against this high-octane monster truck thanks to Traxxas’ waterproof electronics. Add more excitement to your RC adventures with the quality and performance of the Traxxas Stampede.

The Titan® 12T 550 motor pumps out incredible power with an integrated cooling fan to keep temperatures down. The XL-5 electronic speed control provides smooth, reliable power delivery with EZ-Set® one-button setup and three different drive profiles.

Stampede includes a powerful 8.4 volt 3000 mAh Traxxas Power Cell rechargeable NiMH battery pack to reach its 30+ mph top speed. Fast 4-amp charging is available virtually anywhere thanks to the included 45+ watt USB-C battery charger with iD® technology. Power adapter and cable sold separately. For maximum charge rate use Traxxas 2912 45-watt power adapter and 2916 100-watt power cable. The Traxxas iD system is the easiest and safest way to charge your Traxxas batteries. The charger automatically recognizes the iD battery and optimizes the charge settings as soon as you plug it in. There’s no guesswork involved, just fast, reliable charging every time.

Stampede comes Ready-To-Race® out of the box with the TQ 2.4 GHz 2-channel radio system, waterproof XL-5 ESC, and included 8.4 V battery and charger. With over 30 years in the hobby industry, Traxxas goes the extra mile to ensure that your RC experience is easy and fun.


  • 4-amp USB-C Fast Charger
  • Traxxas 7-cell NiMH battery with iD®
  • TQ 2.4 GHz radio system
  • Waterproof electronics permit driving in water, mud and snow
  • High-torque Waterproof Traxxas 2056 steering servo
  • Monstrous 4-inches of ground clearance
  • Top speed over 30 mph (With 7-cell battery and included optional 21-tooth pinion gear)
  • Powerful Titan® 12T 550 modified motor with internal cooling fan
  • High-performance waterproof XL-5™ electronic speed control
    • Innovative watersealed design
    • Three Drive Profiles
      • Sport Mode - Forward / Brake / Reverse
      • Race Mode - Forward / Brake
      • Training Mode™ - 50% Forward / Brake / 50% Reverse (patented)
    • 12-Turn motor limit for 550 size motors
    • 15-Turn motor limit for 540 size motors
    • Traxxas EZ-Set® one-button setup
    • LiPo and NiMH compatible with two-stage low-voltage detection
  • Tough Magnum™ 272 transmission
  • Sealed gearbox protects the transmission
  • Torque-Control™ slipper clutch system
  • External gear cover with easy slipper access
  • Reliable planetary gear differential
  • Efficient telescoping U-joint driveshafts
  • Fiber-composite monocoque chassis
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Fully adjustable Ultra Shocks™ with X-ring technology
  • White powder coated shock springs feature a responsive spring rate
  • Durable solid camber links eliminate the need for adjustment
  • Captured rod ends won't pop off for superior durability
  • Talon™ 2.8″ tires are pre-glued on stunning mirror-chrome
  • 2.8″ All-Star™ wheels
  • Performance foam tire inserts
  • ProGraphix® multi-colored painted body


  • Length: 16.9 inches (428 mm)
  • Front Track: 12.75 inches (324 mm)
  • Rear Track: 12.75 inches (324 mm)
  • Weight: 65.3 ounces (1.85 kg)
  • Height (overall): 9.5 inches (241 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 10.6 inches (270 mm)
  • Front Shock Length: Long
  • Rear Shock Length: XX-long
  • Front Tires (pre-glued): Talon™ 2.8″
  • Rear Tires (pre-glued): Talon™ 2.8″
  • Front Wheels: 2.8″ mirror-chrome All-Star™
  • Rear Wheels: 2.8″ mirror-chrome All-Star™
  • Electronic Speed Control: XL-5™
  • Motor (electric): Titan® 12T 550
  • Steering Servo: 2056 high torque waterproof
  • Transmitter: TQ 2.4 GHz radio
  • Receiver: 6519 3-channel
  • Gear Ratio (internal): 2.72 (final drive: 12.34)
  • Differential Type: Planetary
  • Gear Pitch: 48-pitch
  • Transmission: Magnum 272™
  • Steering: Single point
  • Chassis Type: Modified tub
  • Chassis Material: Composite Nylon
  • Top Speed: 30+ mph (With 7-cell battery and included optional 21-tooth pinion gear)
  • Skill Level: 1
  • Battery Tray Dimensions: 164 mm x 46 mm x 26 mm (Battery expansion kit available)
  • Included Charger: 4-amp USB-C Fast Charger
  • Included Batteries: Traxxas 7-cell NiMH battery with iD®
  • Required Batteries: 4 "AA" (transmitter)
    • Input voltage: 7.2 - 8.4 V (NiMH), 7.4 V (LiPo)
    • Case Size: 31 mm x 55 mm x 15.5 mm
    • Weight: 2.44 ounces
    • Motor Limit:
      • 15-turns (540 Size) Properly Geared
      • 12-turns (550 Size) Properly Geared
    • On Resistance Forward: 0.007 ohms
    • On Resistance Reverse: 0.014 ohms
    • BEC Voltage: 6.0 volts
    • BEC Current: 1 amp
    • Power Wire: 14 gauge / 5 inches
    • Input Harness Wire: 26 gauge / 9 inches
    • PWM Frequency: 1600 Hz
    • Low Voltage Detection (LVD): 2-Stage indicators, switchable (on or off)
    • Thermal Protection: Thermal shutdown
    • Profile selection:
      • Sport Mode: 100% FWD, 100% brakes, 100% REV
      • Race Mode: 100% FWD, 100% brakes, no REV
      • Training Mode: 50% FWD, 100% brakes, 50% REV (patented)
    • Single-button setup: Traxxas EZ-Set®