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Sullivan TigerDrive 6mm Shaft Starter (TRX 2.5)

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This is the optional Sullivan TigerDrive 6mm adapter intended for use with Traxxas 2.5 Engines. The unit replaces the pull-starter or on board starter found on many R/C Cars, trucks, boats and helicopters, and allows for use of a standard hand-held starter. This eliminates broken ropes and burned out on board starters and allows the engine to be turned faster for easier starting. The drive direction can be oriented in four directions to accommodate exhaust and chassis arrangement.

Sullivan offers TigerDrive units to fit most engines from .12 to .46, and installation is very easy -- only three or four screws. The gears are steel, the frame is aluminum and the bearings are bronze and Steel Roller for durability.


  • Replaces stock pull starter for fast easy probe starts from above
  • Extreme duty bevel gear design
  • Steel plate which attaches to the adapter plate
  • Blue plastic gear cover
  • German made 6mm one-way bearing


    • (1) Tiger Drive steel plate with overhead bevel gear
    • (1) Bevel gear with German one-way bearing
    • (1) Copper gasket for back of bevel gear
    • (4) 3x12mm cap head screws
    • (4) 2.5x12mm cap head screws
    • (4) 3x7mm washers
    • (4) 3x5mm split washers
    Note: Requires SUL686 (7/32" starter probe)