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RPM Traxxas 4x4 Front/Rear A-Arm Set (Red) (2)

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This is an optional RPM Traxxas 4x4 A-Arm Set. These arms can be used in the front or rear position of the Traxxas Rally, Slash 4x4 and Stampede 4x4 vehicles. RPM A-arms for the Slash 4x4 and Stampede 4x4 eliminate the slop in the suspension system, tightening the tolerances around the hinge pins. Plus, they reduce the fore and aft movement of the A-arms at both the inner hinge pin and at the axle carriers by better than 90% and improve the durability dramatically (they’re made by RPM, enough said). As a bonus, they cut 6.5 grams of weight off of each A-arm! That’s a total loss of just under one ounce of weight simply by replacing your stock A-arms with the RPM versions!

You cant ignore how much better the RPM versions look either. RPM A-arms carry over the traditional RPM look with 30 degree leading and trailing edges, and huge bosses for the shock and sway bar mounts. Additionally, you now have the option of a bit of color with either red, green, blue or black to choose from.

RPM A-arms are molded in RPM's trademark blend of incredibly durable nylons and are backed by an industry leading warranty. They proudly stand behind our products! Designed, manufactured and produced right here in southern California in the USA!

NOTE: RPM A-arms for the Traxxas Slash 4×4 & Stampede 4×4 are sold in sets of 1 – left and 1 – right A-arm in each package. Two packages will be needed to complete one truck. The upper hinge pin hole of the rear axle carriers cannot be used (not a stock location for the Slash 4x4) due to strengthening designs that reduce the clearance around the rear axle.