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RPM Traxxas X-Maxx Oversized Front Axle Carriers w/Bearings (2)

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RPM Traxxas X-Maxx Oversized Front Axle Carriers feature increased durability and larger inner bearings. Stock bearings are a mere 20x27x4mm while the oversized bearings RPM uses are gigantic a 20x32x7mm. This delivers a load rating that is nearly 300% higher than the stock bearings while the static load rating is over 300% higher. That’s triple the strength of the stock inner bearings.

  • Replaces stock Traxxas TRA7737
  • Includes gigantic 20x32x7mm inner bearings
  • Massive steering support ribs for the strongest possible carriers
  • Outer bearings not included (Stock bearings are used)
  • Sold in pairs (1 Left/1 Right)