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JConcepts Racing Bag with Drawers, Small

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  • Compact 18"L x 14"H x 12"W size
  • Front-load Velcro® design
  • Woven technical appearing fabric
  • Durable handle, strap, and outlining
  • Heavy JConcepts imagery and embroidered logos
  • Business card or identification holder on back
  • Heavy-duty Velcro stitching throughout
  • Two composite inner drawers with handles
  • Full length composite inner liner


The Small Finish Line Racing Bag is a compact, multi-purpose equipment bag that can be used for about any RC needs. The design and proportions allow you to store and transfer just about any combination of compact RC equipment desired. There is enough room for 1/10th, 1/16th, 1/24th scale vehicles or touring cars as well as room for radio gear, tools, tires, or various other RC gear. This racing bag has a heavy covering of woven technical appearing fabric sewn over to create the glamourous geometry.

JConcepts imagery and logos embroidered on each side of the bag for authenticity, impact, and brand loyalty. The front-load Velcro® design combined with composite inner liner allow for easy access to all drawers individually. The two composite drawers with divider make the inner workings of the JConcepts racing bag nothing short of spectacular for the organized minded racer.

When assembled, the bag is 18"L x 14"H x 12"W.