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JConcepts "Finnisher" Off Road Car Stand (Matte Black)

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This is the JConcepts "Finnisher" Off Road Car Stand. For 2015, JConcepts unveiled the latest car stand specifically for the prestigious Reedy Race of Champions. The design team focused on several aspects to debut a treat during the large event.  First, size was a focus and a lower stance was built into the design to accommodate 1/10th vehicles. The hex shaped design was inspired by the JConcepts accessory line-up, and side pockets were added as catch-all compartments for body clips, wheel nuts or any small item that is routinely changed during a race event. Cushion pads are positioned at the hex tips to provide support all the way to the edges on any platform vehicle while the large center pads prevent normal slippage.  

As a bonus, JConcepts has included a rubber plug option with the company’s logo branded into the surface. To install, simply cut, moto-sand or ream on the pre-defined line in the center area and remove to expose a large hole. Plug in the rubber piece as a grommet type installation and the look of the stand becomes even more custom. JConcepts has included a decal wrap for maximum exposure and presence that resembles the popular chassis tape “Striker” theme.  


  • Original, JConcepts Finnisher design
  • Durable material, matte black finish
  • Large and small foam cushion pads
  • JC logo plugs for custom look
  • “Striker” themed decal wrap