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JConcepts Team Associated RC10B3 Body w/5.5” Wing (Clear)

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The JConcepts Team Associated RC10B3 Body with 5.5” wing has been reintroduced the genuine RC10B3 body shell,  with approval from Team Associated. Loyal fans can recreate, rebuild and race with authentically styled bodies from the heyday of competitive rear bias cab, back closure buggy bodies. Team Associated preserved the iconic mold from the 1997 race year, and JConcepts was able to restore older generation construction and with a blend of today’s materials to get the RC10B3 body back out on the market.

The B3 kit body was one of last 2wd buggies to include a body that included a closure or back portion of the shell under the rear wing and protection above the transmission. These details were preserved and highlighted, and the body is drop-fit to a generation of Team Associated vehicles from the 3 platform era. Each package includes window mask, 5.5” rear wing and clear polycarbonate body (no decal sheet included).

  • Iconic, original RC10B3 styling
  • Rear bias cab, rear closure, large window treatment
  • Sturdy upper roof for increased durability
  • Body shell lines the chassis perimeter for protection
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window mask
  • 5.5” rear wing
  • Clear polycarbonate body
  • (Decal sheet NOT included)