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HackFab EDM Front Body Mount System for Losi Mini-B

SKU: HFB02028
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This is a front body mount system for mounting the GT Bodies Mini-B EDM body. This is a system we came up with that is a little more durable than the over-the-servo mount originally included with the bodies and allows a more open area on the car. The mounts are 3D printed in a flexible TPU material that allows some movement in big hits/rollovers. They press into the stock plastic mudguard on the chassis and are glued into place (any CA type tire glue, super glue, gorilla glue should do). Test fit them before gluing and use an xacto if you need to shave any material so they sit nicely down in the hole. Be sure to mount them into the triangle toward the back of the servo or else they will be too far forward for the body. Make sure they are straight before the glue cures.

2 TPU body mounts
2x 2" posts w/ collars
Mounting hardware