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HackFab Extended Rear Body Mount for Losi Mini-B

SKU: HFB02002
Availability: 118 in stock

This is an extended rear body mount for the Losi Mini-B. It works exactly like the one for the Mini-T 2.0, but it designed specifically for the Mini-B shock tower (which is different from the T).

I've seen folks attempting to put other mini bodies on the Mini-B that would require some form of rear body mount other than the wing mount, this is where this would come in handy.

Product is 3d printed in Carbon PC. It bolts to the rear shock tower using two 12mm m2 cap head screws (stainless screws included!). It uses metal threaded inserts in the plastic for a super secure hold.

It has 5mm through-holes (designed for CRC body posts - not included) so that the body post can slide all the way through - allowing for more height adjustment options - simply put a body clip above and below the mount at your selected height (Tamiya uses this style of mount in a lot of their cars).

This also works with our optional Carbon Fiber Rear Body Mount Extension, shown in one of the photos. It will bolt right up. It moves the body post position further back and outward.

No car or body posts are included. You will get a black mount, and two 12mm mounting screws with this purchase.