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HackFab Starfighter LCG Race Chassis for Losi LMT

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Looking to shave weight on your racing LMT? Looking to move weight lower into the chassis? Want to ditch the cage and simplify things? Well, the HackFab Starfighter LMT chassis will do just that.

This chassis kit will transform your Losi LMT into a svelte race rig. Offering single piece carbon fiber side plates, custom aluminum LCG (low center of gravity) battery and electronics trays, it will get the electronics weight lower. Overall weight savings when removing the stock cage and tri-plate aluminum sides shaves 21.4 ounces (1 lb 5.4 oz) as equipped in photos (roller vs. roller). Combine with lighter tires and you can easily get to 2lb savings over stock.

Fits Shorty size lipo battery packs only (2s or 3s).

Uses stock style LMT center transmission/differential.

This chassis configuration is limited to ~64mm max motor can length. We're working on another version that would allow longer cans similar to stock. Running testing with the Hobbywing XR8 SCT Pro and 3660SD-D 3200kv motor with a ProTek 3s Lipo (PTK-5116-22), yielded great results.

You WILL need to provide your own Treal (or similar) lower links for shock mounting as well as shorter shocks (80-100mm) as well as hardware for mounting shocks. We used Traxxas XXL GTR shocks (7462x) in our build.

Treal links and other parts available here

Carbon Fiber side plates
Aluminum chassis crossmembers
Carbon Fiber body mount crossmembers
Aluminum LCG battery tray (Shorty style size only)
Aluminum LCG electronics tray
PureTech velcro battery strap
Sway Bar bushings
Traxxas body mounts 6715 (traxxas Body Mounts 6815R will also work *not included*)

Losi LMT base truck/donor vehicle
Treal or similar lower links to allow for link mounted shocks
Shorter Shocks (80-100mm ideal)
Mounting hardware for shocks

Photos are for reference only. This is for only the chassis conversion kit shown in first photo.