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Furitek FX118 Fury Wagon 1/18 RTR Brushless Rock Crawler (Black/Flames)

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The Furitek FX118 Fury Wagon 1/18 scale RTR Brushless Rock Crawler has been designed to redefine micro off-road adventures. With its innovative features, portal axles, adjustable chassis, and powerful components, this crawler conquers tough terrain with ease. Get ready for an exhilarating journey with the compact yet capable Fury Wagon.

Innovative Chassis

The Furitek FX118 Fury Wagon features a highly adaptable LCG (Low-Center-Gravity) chassis, offering a broad spectrum of suspension geometry adjustments. From upper link mounting positions to the placement of large bore shocks, this chassis empowers you to optimize articulation for tackling the most challenging terrains. Its versatility and adjustability make it a masterpiece in micro rock crawling innovation.

Powerful Electronics

The Furitek FX118 Fury Wagon boasts cutting-edge electronics that drive its exceptional performance. Equipped with a potent brushless Venom outrunner motor and the renowned Furitek Lizard Pro ESC, featuring revolutionary FOC (Field-Orientated Control) and a built-in Bluetooth module. This dynamic combination delivers both impressive power and precise control, ensuring a thrilling and capable micro crawler experience. Pairing these electronics with the highly capable chassis will have you climbing the roughest terrain like a skilled mountain goat.

Scale Bodyshell

The Furitek FX118 Fury Wagon's body design captures attention with its striking appearance and compact size. Built for micro rock crawling adventures, this resilient body showcases a design that not only adds to its visual appeal but also contributes to its remarkable performance. Its form factor strikes a balance between style and functionality, allowing it to navigate challenging terrains while looking great doing so.


  • Front and rear portal axles
  • Reverse rotation drive shaft
  • Oil-Filled Big Bore shocks with aluminum caps and collars
  • Aluminum LCG chassis
  • Furitek Venom brushless outrunner motor
  • Furitek Lizard Pro brushless ESC with FOC technology
  • Built-in Bluetooth module for esc control via Furitek (FuriCar) app
  • 1.2in Beadlock Wheels
  • 45° Steering angle
  • Extremely adjustable suspension geometry


  • Furitek Venom 1212 - 3450 Outrunner brushless motor
  • Furitek Lizard Pro
  • 4-Channel Transmitter and receiver
  • 600mAh 2s LiPo
  • Battery Charger

Needed To Drive:

  • (4) AAA Batteries for the Transmitter


Scale Size 1:18 Scale
Length 9.3in (237mm)
Width 4.9in (125mm)
Height 6.3in (160.7mm)
Wheelbase 6.3in (160.7mm)
Weight 13.58oz (385g)
Completion Level Ready-to-Run*

*Tech Note: Ready-to-Run models come equipped with all electronics and include the transmitter needed for use. Please check the "Not In The Box" above to make sure you have everything you need to get out and enjoy your RC model.