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EcoPower Plastic Maintenance Tray 21x17" (550x450mm)

SKU: ECP-3002
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The EcoPower Maintenance Tray is the great way to help streamline your next build. This tray offers a 21x17 inch footprint (55x45cm), and is molded from a durable plastic material. This tray features an 8.5mm raised edge around the perimeter to prevent parts from rolling off the tray, with a 535x370mm main work area and eight individual cavities that can be used to sort and organize hardware and other parts. Whether you are a surface or air enthusiast, this tray will help you create a a clean and organized work space that will help to make building and routine maintenance easier. 


  • Approximately 21x17 in. (55x45cm)
  • Raised edges prevent parts from rolling off the tray
  • Eight individual pockets to sort hardware and other parts 
  • Molded plastic material provides an easy to clean, durable and flat surface