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AVID Associated Shock Standoff - Standard

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The Avid Standard Standoff for Associated vehicles is a direct upgrade for the #1780 Associated Bushing. It is used on the front of a B4.2, T4.1, and SC10 as well as all 4 locations on a B44.2 and B44.1. For racers upgrading an older model car from V2 to 12mm big-bore shocks, this length goes on the rear shock tower of a B4.1, T4.1, and SC10 to avoid trimming the rear shock tower. Avid has designed strong standoffs with replaceable Delrin™ pivot bushings to coincide with the release of the new 12mm Team Associated big-bore shocks. The standard aluminum shock standoffs are made of black anodized 7075 Aluminum and have a wide base to prevent bent shock mount screws from de-railing your bid for TQ. The Delrin™ pivot bushings can be replaced to help keep a tight fit and not wear out your aluminum shock caps.