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RPM 80952 Front Bumper & Skid Plate (Black) (Slash)

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RPM 80952 Front Bumper & Skid Plate (Black) (Slash)

RPM's two-piece front bumper for the Traxxas Slash 2wd and Nitro Slash is simple, strong, effective and highly attractive. They made it a two-piece design to give the Slash 2wd owner the option of full front-end bash-proof and crash-proof protection with both the skid plate and bumper installed. If a racing profile is wanted, the front bumper can be removed and the skid plate by itself can be run as a light-weight alternative bumper/skid plate that sheds 27 grams (almost a full ounce) of weight from the front end of the truck. Once the race is over, reinstall the bumper, and full bash protection is once again available!

Their Traxxas Slash front bumper design completely eliminates the stock chassis-to-bumper support ring and the 5 screws holding the support ring in place. Additionally, the RPM version uses a thicker skid design (more than 60% thicker than the stock skid!) to supply the cushioning resistance a basher-proof bumper needs. 

Even though their thicker, more stout front bumper and skid plate is significantly stronger and more beefy than stock, it still falls in at a weight that is slightly less than the stock front bumper*. So even if the racer wants to run a full RPM front bumper and skid plate, they won’t have to worry about adding unwanted weight. 

To help improve overall durability, RPM's skid rail design is wider than stock, which perfectly matches the design of their front and rear Slash skid plates. They’re so confident in the strength and durability of these new bumpers that they too come with their unbeatable factory warranty protection.

*Their weight comparison is based on the weight of the stock Traxxas bumper along with the weight of the support ring and hardware (all of which is permanently removed once the RPM bumper/skid plate is installed).

1 Front Bumper
1 Front Skid Plate
3 Mounting Screws