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RPM 80372 Front Bearing Carrier Set (Slash) Black

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RPM 80372 Front Bearing Carrier Set

RPM over sized bearing carriers are the perfect solution for worn bushings and weak 5 x 8mm. bearings! Give your electric the same performance the nitro trucks come stock with.
5 x 11mm. bearings have higher load ratings than a 5 x 8mm. bearing and will significantly increase the time between maintenance periods. Their bearing carriers are so strong; they guarantee that they won’t ever break!
Molded in black.
When used in conjunction with our #80382 Rear Bearing Carriers, you’ll never have to worry about worn-out bushings or blown wheel bearings again!
Tech Notes:
5x11x4mm. bearings are not included with these kits
(4 bearings are needed for each kit).
2 Front Bearing Carriers