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Traxxas GTR XX-Long Hard Anodized Shocks (2) (Rear)

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1/10 scale XX-long GTR shocks represent the peak of suspension technology. The hard-anodized PTFE-coated aluminum shock bodies have 13 mm bores to hold over 70% more oil than the standard Ultra Shocks and their slick titanium-nitride coated shafts resist scuffing, increase durability, and eliminate "stiction." X-rings keep oil in and dirt out for smooth, consistent damping, and plush suspension action. Spring preload and ride height changes are as simple as turning the threaded spring collars. The lower spring retainers even feature a locking screw to prevent annoying pop-off in the middle of your run. Includes 30-weight pure silicone shock oil. (Sold in pairs, springs sold separately).