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HB Aluminum Steering Servo Horn (24) 67168

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For Hitec

Add style, durability and function to any vehicle with a genuine Hot Bodies Aluminum Steering Servo Horn. Machined from strong yet lightweight aluminum, these servo horns are available to fit several makes of servos.

#67167 HB Aluminum Steering Servo Horn (23) (Spectrum, Sanwa, KO Propo, JR) #67168 HB Aluminum Steering Servo Horn (24) (Hitec) #67169 HB Aluminum Steering Servo Horn (25) (Futaba) HPI/HB servos have different numbers of splines, please see below: HPI SF-1, SF-2, SF-4, SF-5, SFL-10, SFL-10MG2: use 25-tooth servo horn HB DSJ-1SS, DSJ-1ST: use 23-tooth servo horn Note: this is not a servo saver, it is a direct link to your servo. If your RC vehicle has a built-in servo saver these servo horns will be safe to use. Use of this servo horn without a servo saver is not recommended as you will probably damage the internal gears of your servo in a crash. Use HB #61644 if you need a servo saver.