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HackFab Haymaker Mini Oval Tire fits Losi Mini-T 2.0 wheels (Soft) (2)

SKU: HFB06002
Availability: 398 in stock
Our first foray into the tire world. This block patterned oval tire is designed for the Losi mini line. It is reminiscent of the original Losi Mini Late Model tire, but with some slight changes including a bigger and more spaced out tread pattern. We named it the "Haymaker" as we hope to come out of the gate swinging and help boost the mini oval racing scene.

They are currently offered in three initial compounds (super soft, soft, and medium). As with other tires out there - a softer tire will yield more grip, but also wear faster. We decided to also offer them with soft molded closed cell foam inserts.

These are sold as a pair of unmounted tires/foam inserts (no wheels). They will require gluing to your wheel of choice (either HackFab Slipstream wheels in Black or Silver, JConcepts Mono Mini-T 2.0 wheels in Yellow or White or Losi Mini-T 2.0 wheels in White or Yellow). Note that tires are sold in pairs and JConcepts/Losi wheels are sold in sets of four. HackFab Slipstreams are sold in pairs.

We welcome racers feedback on these, being our first initial run. We will be able to make adjustments moving forward if we should need to offer softer or harder compound options, etc.

Happy oval racing! These should be great on our Late Model / EDM / Omni and Sprint car conversions for the Losi Mini line.