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HackFab Slipper Clutch Eliminator for Losi Mini-T 2.0/Mini-B/Drag (Mini8 spur)

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CNC machined from aluminum with natural finish. The slipper eliminator kit weighs only 3.6gr, which is only slightly more than the MIP Slipper kit w/ factory spring (that's not used with the eliminator) or the stock spur slipper eliminator.

This version of our Slipper Eliminator is made SPECIFICALLY for the Losi Mini 8 (mini 8ight) spur gears which folks have been using on the Losi Mini-T 2.0 and Mini-B for a while now. The Mini-8 spur is offered in a 3 pack (LOSB1922) of spur gears with 58T, 60T & 62T (one of each included). This provides more gearing options over the stock 60T spur on the Mini-T. To run those spur gears, you need to also buy Mini-8 Slipper pads because the shape is different (Mini-8 is an Octagon pattern vs stock is a Hexagon).

Simply remove your stock slipper components and install the eliminator and Mini-8 spur. Make sure the halves are properly seated in the hex of the spur gear.

Works with the stock top shaft or the MIP top shaft.

If you have trouble eating through slipper pads or want that instant punch that a slipper eliminator provides, then this is for you. Great for oval racing, speed runs, dragster style setups**.

Slipper Clutch Eliminator (inside/outside pieces)

Losi Mini-8 Spur (LOSB1922)

*Does NOT fit the Robinson Racing Mini-8 Steel Spur gear. It may if you file/sand the edges of the Eliminator slightly, it's close but did not fit the sample we tested without minor modification. We know Hot Racing also makes a metal Mini-8 spur, and we have not tested it.

**Note: The slipper clutch was originally designed as a gearbox saving device that can help save the transmission gears when the motor engages under a heavy load (high power start, off the corner, landing off a jump, etc). Removal of this can potentially cause damage to internal gears, stripped spur gears, etc. This is a run-at-your-own-risk part and HackFab is not liable for any damage that may be incurred by the use of this part.